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CCSTM - Customized Consulting Services

We have developed this unique service package to assist our customers in plant design projection and optimization. A key aspect of the service is an objective and professional recommendation of products and components that meet the customer’s needs and to achieve the best possible plant performance. Through CCS™ – a highly specialized and innovative concept – ROC Components brings its expertise and experience of over 20 years directly to the RO desalination plant manufacturers.

CCS™ consists of the following key services:

  • Optimized design projection cases and selection of appropriate RO/NF/UF membrane elements
  • Definition of chemicals for all stages (pre-treatment, membrane cleaning, and membrane conservation)
  • Analysis and evaluation of the energy recovery performance
  • Pressure vessel design package (end-port or side-port configuration in FRP and SS)
  • Integration of turbo chargers into the RO system for optimization of energy recovery performance and cost efficiency
  • Optimization of microfiltration

If you are seeking consultation about a topic not on the list, then please contact our representatives with your inquiry.

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