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    Since the beginning of 2004, ROC Components AG has been a global supplier and distributor of reverse osmosis water treatment products and components. Our experts provide full technical support, as well as projection and design of RO/NF/UF desalination plants.

    In addition to offering a wide range of RO/NF/UF membrane modules and the corresponding pressure vessels, ROC Components AG also supplies turbo chargers (pressure boosters), which allow for a unique and specialized energy recovery solution in RO plants. ROC Components AG also provides water treatment chemicals, biocides, antiscalants, and cleaning chemicals for RO/NF/UF membranes.

    To learn more about how Reverse Osmosis water treatment works, you can view the following 3D animation (8 Mb file; courtesy of Hydranautics - A Nitto Denko Company).

    ROC Components AG also offers CCS™ - a unique service package to assist its customers in plant design projection and optimization.

    ROC Components - forward thinking in reverse osmosis solutions!